Apr 28 2015

wallace silversmiths

wallace silversmiths

Like you, I'm having trouble matching the dates on your set with known important dates of Wallace Silversmiths and its predecessor companies. Here's a couple of web sites you might want Black Suede Mrs Baba 100mm to check out.

1. That's long before Wallace and American patents came into being. I've seen pieces where the was a flaw in the identification marks could the "6" be upside down and really be a "9".

Starting around 1870 or so, American manufacturers placed the word, "Sterling", on pieces if they were sterling. Sometimes they used some variations of the number, "925/1000", to represent 92.5% silver composition, the definition of sterling.

Often, manufacturers placed the date of the founding of the company on pieces. Your "1835" is close to Wallace's 1855 founding.

If these pieces pre date 1870, it may be worth taking them to a professional appraiser, or at least an old, established jeweler to let them look at them.

Sorry I could not be of more help.

QUESTION: Thanks. Black Suede Interlopa 160mm I have no explanation for "1835 WALLACE" because that's what all the pieces clearly say. What can you tell me about my set? Also, I have a sterling silver dresser set (mirror, comb, brush, scissors) that say F inside a little flag. I believe F stands for Foster Bailey. The Leather Flanavec 120mm set is monogrammed with an "M" for my great great aunt Mabel Moore of Chicago (the above mentioned Wallace silverware set was hers also). Can you please date my dresser set? Thanks.

With regard to Foster %26 Bailey, the earliest year of manufacture Red Suede Interlopa 160mm would be 1878, the first year of existence for that company. I believe their successor company, Theodore Foster %26 Bros. Co, which started in 1898 continued to use that "flag" mark. So, as far as I know, the latest date of manufacture is 1951. Sorry I couldn't pin it down more.

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