Apr 28 2015

Warren Township Student Competes in Curling

Warren Township Student Competes in Curling

With the Winter Olympic competitions the world will be watching sports like curling, typically relegated to areas north of Illinois.

However, a student at Warren Township High School has experienced curling firsthand since he Black Leather Equestria 160mm was 8 years old. He comes at it naturally because of his father who participated in several national curling championships. Curling Association Junior National Championships in Minnesota. The Junior National Championship for boys was won by a team from Washington, and a team from Minnesota won the girls title.

Max, like his father, Russ, plays on teams through the Exmoor Country Black Leather Flanavec 120mm Club in Highland Park. While participation in the junior national competition can lead to the world competitions and possibly a run at the Olympics, Max is content with balancing his interest in the sport with his school work and planning for college.

Curling most of his life, however, means he can explain in great detail just what attracts athletes to the sport. Its about finesse and strategy. Its a great sport, he said, explaining that a game of curling Suede Equestria 160mm lasts 73 minutes.

The Scottish began curling in the 1500s and the game arrived in the United States in the 1800s. Often compared to shuffleboard or bowling, curling is played by a team with positions of lead, second, vice and skip. Max is the lead, which means his responsibility is to throw the first two of eight granite stones each weighing 42 pounds. Those Purple Suede Equestria 160mm stones move across an always changing surface of ice and toward a target with the help of team members who sweep the ice in front of the stone to control the stones speed and direction.

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